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Twilight Party!
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Seaquake Manual

ROOM - Chambres Manual

Snow-Slicing Blade Manual

Ground Death Manual

Barco Grabber Breath Manual

Gum-Gum Giant Rifle Manual

Ashura Ichibugin Manual

RCV Slot Storm Manual (Broggy)

Twilight Party!




Twilight Party!

Twilight Party!
Flawless Costume



  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon full clear of all difficulty stages.
  • Initially a limited-time Event, it became a Rookie Support Quest in february 2018.
  • All difficulties get a chance to drop Whitebeard's, Luffy's, Chessmarimo's, Crocodile's, Law's, Zoro's, Masira's and Broggy's Manuals.
  • The higher the difficulty level, the higher the chance you'll have of getting one of the manuals listed above.

Drop ratesEdit

  • Do you want to know what are the precise drop chances of a poster or manual? Now you can see them here (for Elite and Expert). Also, please help refine that data by sharing the results of your drops through this form.

How to Beat DEAD or TREAT!! ~Twilight Party~Edit


General InformationEdit

This fortnight was released the month of October leading up to Halloween. Unlike most stages that feature a main boss, it will feature the straw hats as moderately difficult bosses with health triggers.

For 15 stamina, your boss will be Franky, but on 30 stamina, you'll have to deal with Luffy. All stages have the sub-boss Chopper, and you are also likely to run into Nami. The secret boss is Usopp who is rare, but able to show up on any difficulty.

Rainbow teams will work pretty well, and everybody's favorite Slasher team is certainly viable. A STR-based team is the best speed option, but you must have higher level units (1,000 to 1,500 ATK) to clear the health requirements of the sub-bosses with enough damage. Also, a QCK->STR orb changing unit to deal with Nami will help the STR teams to be consistent.

Recommended CaptainsEdit

Recommended Support UnitsEdit

  • STR-based teams
  • Basically 3 strong hitting STR units!
  • Captain Kid: Speed clearing Monster Chopper teams can sometimes require a STR orb to one-shot Lil Vampire Chopper or Halloween Franky. Use Kid's special to get that orb if RND is mistreating you.
  • Franky Frankenstein: It's strange to list Franky since he's a drop for this stage, but if you get Franky his special is quick enough to be used to help Chopper runs as well. You'll want Cooldown sockets or a few special ups for him to make sense.
  • Little Oars Jr. Charging!: His special is slow off of initial pull, but leveled up he can get you the needed STR orbs to clear later stages for all STR teams.
  • Knuckle Ensign Navy HQ: MVP of the fortnight! Use his special on round 6 with Nami to give yourself full matching STR orbs which are also locked for two rounds! You'll need at least one Cooldown socket or you'll need to stall one round to use him.
  • Arlong Sun Pirates: If you have a weaker team that can't finish off Nami, she'll empty your orbs. You can use Arlong to give yourself full matching STR orbs. If you don't need him, try and stick with storymode Arlong as he's slightly more powerful.
  • Blamenco the Mallet: Another great orb changer and higher attack. However his cooldown is really slow and will cause you to stall where you might not need to.
  • Striker-based teams
  • Slasher-based teams

Recommended SocketsEdit

You should have level 2 anti-despair for your battle against Franky, but it not a dealbreaker if you bring a Time Delay unit.

In the rare case that you run into the secret boss, Usopp Lying Wolf, you'll find a level 2 anti-lock helps but is not required. You can work around his health triggered lock, but it's faster to attempt to power through him if possible and the level 2 anti-lock sockets help.

As usual, matching orbs and cooldown sockets will help.

Recommended TeamsEdit

Speed F2P STR Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0249 F0194F0447F0066F0405 F0249 Thousand Sunny thumb
  • This team has a lot of
    alternates you can bring.
    Only Ensign and Chopper captains
    are required.
  • Units should be 90+ level and
    deal 1,400+ to consistently one shot all
    levels except for Nami.
  • Great beatstick alternatives include G3,
    Log Luffy, Blamenco, and Captain Kid

F2P Slasher Team
Captain Subs Friend Ship
F0227 F0425F0322F0066F0015 F0227 Coffin Boat
  • Coffin Boat MAX
  • Most units are beatsticks with damage
    specials. Can be replaced.
  • Arlong can act as captain as well
    if you don't have Mihawk

30 Stamina WalkthroughEdit

Most Mid to High-level teams should be able to clear this level without an issue. This walkthrough will be a speed walkthrough for the F2P STR smash team. The only variable you need to consider is how long your cooldown is on your Knuckle Ensign Navy HQ or Blamenco the Mallet. You'll need their special ready by round 6, and don't forget you'll get 1 free cooldown due to Nami's preemptive orb change.

Stage Strategy Enemy Info
1 Dead or Treat Twilight - 1 Grunts and Evolvers

Take out the grunts and stall on the evolvers without taking a hit.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern
Grunts -


2 Dead or Treat Twilight - 2 General Zombie, Grunts, and Evolvers

Take out the grunts and stall on the evolvers without taking a hit.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

General Zombie

180,000 hp

GZ will begin with a 2-4 cooldown before he attacks for 4,980 damage.

He'll go on a three turn Cooldown and attack for 4,980 damage on repeat.

3 Dead or Treat Twilight - 3 Red Daimyo Turtle and Red Treasure Turtle

Take out turtles without taking a hit.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Red Daimyo Turtle

Red Treasure Turtle

8 hp

5 hp


4 Dead or Treat Twilight - 4 Giants and Evolvers

Take out the giants and stall on the evolvers without taking a hit.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern




5 Dead or Treat Twilight - 5 Grunts and Evolvers

Take out the grunts and stall on the evolvers without taking a hit.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern




6 Dead or Treat Twilight - 6 Nami Jackie ‘o Lantern

First, activate your Blamenco or Marine to give yourself full matching STR orbs locked for two turns.

For the first round, hit her until she is just above 20% health, don't push her below. Use the second round to finish her off.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Nami Jackie ‘o Lantern

400,000 hp with 50 defense

Nami will preemptively change all your orbs to STR or QCK.

After two turns she hits for 3,920 damage.

Under 20% health, Nami will Blind you for 6 turns and empties all orbs.

7 Dead or Treat Twilight - 7 Tony Tony Chopper Lil’ Vampire

If you are unable to clear Tony quickly, tank the first hit above 50% health as he will give himself an attack buff after. Clear him quickly as possible.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Tony Tony Chopper Lil’ Vampire

400,000 hp with 50 defense

Tony will begin with a 1-3 turn CD. He hits for 4,002 damage.

Under 50% health or after 4 turns, he buffs his DEF and ATK. He will begin to hit for about ~6,000 damage.

8 Dead or Treat Twilight - 8 Franky Frankenstein

If you cannot clear Franky in one turn, GP Usopp will be your lifesaver. He will cast despair and your team will cause little damage. If you have anti-despair sockets it will help you power through the level.
Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Franky Frankenstein

250,000 hp with 4,000 defense

Hits for 7,408 damage every 3 turns.

He casts despair on your Captain after 1 turn for 2 turns.

When his health falls below 20%, he will gloom your captain again for 2 turns.

9 Dead or Treat Twilight - 9 Monkey D. Luffy Halloween Monster

A STR-based team should be in the clear here. If you push him between 20% and 50% health he won't attack and instead gives you all RCV orbs which will buy you one turn to stall.

Do not push him below 20% without killing him!!! It will end your run.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Monkey D. Luffy Halloween Monster

620,000 hp with 50 defense

Luffy preemptively casts invulnerability for 3 turns.

He hits for 6,720 damage every turn.

When his health is below 50% but above 20%, he will convert all orbs to meat.

When his health falls below 20%, he will deal 9,000 damage.

Secret Stage Dead or Treat Twilight - Sec Usopp Lying Wolf

Usopp can appear on any stage between 1-8. If he appears where a boss would have appeared, that boss will not appear during your run.

Take Usopp out in one round if you can cause the damage. Otherwise, take him out in two so as not to trigger his 50% unit lock.

Enemy Hp Attack Pattern

Usopp Lying Wolf

~300,000 hp

Begins with a 1-3 turn cooldown. He then attacks every two turns.

Under 50% health, Usopp will lock a random unit for two turns.

Team Builder HelperEdit

STR Characters who Change Orbs

STR Characters who Delay Turns

STR Characters who Boost Attack

STR Characters who Reduce Damage

Any Type Characters who Boost Orb Damage