Quest Boss Stamina Battles Difficulty Notable Captures/Drops
Golden Cave
Golden Cave (Intermediate)
Golden Cave (Advanced)


  • 1 Rainbow Gem will be received upon every difficulty first clear
  • Former Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) Limited Event (Note: Since early November 2017, all Daily events, previously only available on specific days, are available each day)
  • It provides a large amount of Beli
  • EXP gain: Golden Cave: 68, Golden Cave (I): 1240 or 3275 (the latter if you encounter rare boss Fullbody)
  • Beli gain: Golden Cave: 25-55k, Golden Cave (I): 45-105k
  • Different units drop bags of different values, through each one will also generate 200 beli per kill. There are some alternative stages, and it is possible to see, for example, no lobsters at all during the run.
    • For GC, roughly, the value of bags is as follow: regular grunts,1,5k, lobsters, 5-8k, ,boss Higuma - 25k.
    • For GC(I), roughly: Boss drops a bag worth 30k, sub-boss Fulbody and lobsters, 15k and evolved "big" marines,7.5k, regular grunts, 2-3k. It is possible if unlikely for a stage to drop no bags at all. Depending on whether you can collect valuable bags or not, your beli will vary significantly. Always target the units which drop high value bags first to try to trigger their drop first!
  • Use Sexy Foxy!
  • New players can clear it easily with F2P Trafalgar Law Straw Hat-Heart Pirate Alliance (whom you should be using for most content anyway unless you have a better RR unit). Lucky owners or RR Nefeltari Vivi Transparent Charm are in an ever better position, with Nefeltari Vivi Comfortably Elegant Dignitary requiring a better box given her more strict (Free Spirits/Cerebral) restrictions. For F2P option, try to run with Gild. Tesoro Gold Ship Casino King best effects (easiest runs, since he is so strong - but if you are new player you probably don't have him). Violet Donquixote Pirates is best - but you'll need top tier subs, so she is not advisable for new players. Other usable characters that boost beli and can clear the most advanced cavern: Giolla Donquixote Pirates (challenging, but doable - you'll probably need good socket and some top of the line subs for her). While there are a few more beli-boosting captains they are not worth the trouble, since they tend to be way too weak on both fronts. Monkey D. Luffy Road to the Pirate King is just a weak version of EXPLaw, and Nami Mischievous Tavern Idol, Buggy Cheerful Performer, Jean Ango arejust too weak stats/CA-wise, like Viola (just with weaker beli boost on top of it), so don't bother trying with them.
Ranking of beli-farming captains
Rank Character Beli boost ATK boost Notes
Top tier Violet Donquixote Pirates
3x nothing Sure, highest Beli multiplier - but you'll need top tier subs (in addition to a delayer Diamante Donquixote Pirates being the best here - you'll want max CD Raid Sabo, and likely some legends like King of the Day Dogstorm, Magellan Hell's Ruler, Sanji Prince, Kingdom of Germa, Sakazuki, etc.). See comments at Violet's unit page for some team suggestions.
Very good Nefeltari Vivi Transparent Charm
2.5x 2x 2x ATK with some good subs is enough to farm Veteran cave without top tier subs that Violet requires.
Good Nefeltari Vivi Comfortably Elegant Dignitary
2.5x ATK by 1.75 only for Free Spirit and Cerebrals You'll need better subs from a more limited pool to compensate for lower attack than Transparent Vivi.
Good Gild. Tesoro Gold Ship Casino King
2x 2.625x for Cerebral or Driven PSY characters If you have enough subs for him, you'll have no trouble clearing the Veteran cave.
Moderate Giolla Donquixote Pirates
2x 1.5x The bare minimum boost for clearing Veteran, and you'll need good subs - at least she is a rainbow captain, so take your pick with no restrictions.
Weak Trafalgar Law Straw Hat-Heart Pirate Alliance

Koala Undercover Revolutionary
1.2x 2.25x Also boosts EXP by 1.2x. Easy to clear (strong boost, rainbow captain) but only 1.2x Beli boost means only new/F2P players will use them.
Terrible Monkey D. Luffy Road to the Pirate King
1.2x 2x Look, he is just a weaker Law. And since everyone has Law these days...
Terrible Nami Mischievous Tavern Idol

Buggy Cheerful Performer

Jean Ango
terrible terrible You can't be serious...