Franky Super Weapon from a Future Land

Straw Hat Pirates shipwright. The General Franky he developed hides many never-before-seen tricks within. However, the Franky Cannon used to shoot down airborne enemies has to be fired manually.


No. 1935
Type QCK
Class Shooter
Class 2 Free Spirit


Max Lv. 99
Cost 55
EXP to Max 5.000.000
Sockets 5


HP 4378
ATK 1616
RCV 138


Special: Franky Cannon

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Reduces all enemies HP by 10%, changes slots randomly (including [BLOCK] slots) unless slots are matching, and doubles Fighter, Slasher, Striker, and Shooter characters' ATK for 1 turn


Level Turn
1 21
MAX - 6 16

Manual Location

Captain Ability: Mechanic's Dream Taking Off

If only Fighter, Slasher, Striker, and Shooter characters are on a 6-person crew, Captain Ability is the following: boosts crew's ATK by 3x and HP by 1.3x. When Captain Action "Docking" is activated, Captain Ability changes to the following for 1 turn: boosts crew's ATK by approximately 4x and HP by 1.3x, reduces damage taken by 38%, character cannot be blown away, and changes attack depending on character's class (Captain Action cannot be activated if Captain has been swapped, and once activated, Captain is unaffected by Swap Captains. For more details on Captain Action, check the menu during a quest)

Sailor Ability:


Potential Ability:


Switch Effect:
For dual units only


Limit Break Upgrades
4834 1813 216 5 (1)
Captain Ability: N/A
Sailor Ability:
  • Boosts Fighter, Slasher, Striker, and Shooter characters' base stats by 50
  • Makes Fighter, Slasher,Striker,and Shooter characters' QCK slots have matching effects
Potential Ability:
  • STR damage reduction
  • RCV Bind Resistance
  • Barrier Pierce




Evolve arrow sm
Materials N/A

How to Obtain

Only through evolution

Sample teams using this character as a captain: Nakama Network list


Summary (As of January '19): Tier Rank: 4/5 (A very good legend, and will clear much of the current content). A very tanky captain with a good ATK boost and powerful special that allows him to be splashed onto most teams with an open slot.

  • Captain Ability: Better than decent, but not quite amazing (3.5/5). While the 1.3x HP boost and 3x ATK boost is nice, and the Captain Action turns the team into an immensely tanky and powerful one for a turn, needing to wait 4 turns before using it again somewhat limits its' usability and weakens it significantly. Plus, while the requirement for it isn't too hard to fulfill, it can remove a few very powerful characters from the potential pool of crewmates.
  • Special: An amazing special that works on multiple levels (5/5). A near-universal (Shooter, Striker, Fighter, and Slashers are boosted) 2x ATK boost is very good, the randomizing of all non-matching orbs is a very helpful addition, and the 10% health cut is always a helpful addition. What's more, it pairs perfectly with his captain ability and is very splashable, allowing for both good synergy and easy inclusion of the character on multiple teams.
  • Limit Break Limit break him on a very high priority. He reduces his special's cooldown, completely ignores barriers on his attacks, makes QCK orbs matching for Fighters, Slashers, Shooters, and Strikers, and reduces the No Healing debuff. This is an amazing Limit Break that gives him even more usability as a sub.

Detailed review and other notes

  • The second character introduced with Captain Action.
  • If you're running a double legend Franky team, only one of them can use Captain Action at a time, and you must wait 4 turns after using the action before you can use it again.
  • When using his Captain Action, if you're using a character with two of the 4 primary classes (Slasher, Shooter, Fighter, Striker), the first class will be used for the action. For example, if you're running the RR PSY Hina (who is both a fighter and a striker), the game will use the effect for fighters in the captain action, as it's the first listed class for her.
  • All 6 crewmembers must be at least one of the 4 classes mentioned in the description to get boosted, so Legend Blackbeard would not be a good pairing for him.


  • your favorite Fighter, Slasher, Striker, and Shooter units go here :) please expand with suggestions
  • you probably do not need an ATK booster as Franky takes care of that
  • Raid Doffy is still a solid F2P Slasher all-units 2x orb booster with good stats