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You can befriend other players within the game. Friend characters can unleash Captain Abilities when they're helping out your crew!

Adding FriendsEdit

There are two ways to send a Friend invitation:

  • While performing a Quest, if you add a stranger as a reinforcement, you will have the opportunity to send them a Friend invitiation after the quest is completed.
  • Send an invitation to a specific Friend via the Find Friends function. You will need to know your friend's ID. Your ID can be found under Friends ---> Find Friends.
Friend find

You'll get a mail notice once another player accepts your friend request.

Friend mail

Friend CapacityEdit

You can have a limited number of friends.

Your friend capacity increases with your Pirate Level, you can check it under Friend ---> Friend List.

Friend list

Guest/Friends CaptainsEdit

Guest Captains are other players that you can bring along on your own adventure! Finish an adventure with a Guest Captain, and you'll be able to be friend them, too.

Guest example

Once you befriend players, you'll be able to take them along on your adventures!

Friend PointsEdit

Earn Friend Points by being chosen as a Guest Captain or enlisting another player to help your own crew! You'll earn:

  • 5 Friend Points enlisting a Guest Captain
  • 10 Friend Points enlisting a Friend Captain

You can earn login-bonus Friend Points a maximum of once per day.

You can have a maximum of 10.000 Friend Points.

You can use Friend Points (200 points per search) to recruit new ally characters! Refer to the Tavern for more information!

You can also earn x500 Friend Points playing the Friend Game.

Friend Game (outdated)Edit

Friend game banner

Friend Game is a game you play together with a friend, using your device's location services (GPS). You and your friend can win prizes together. If your location services are not turned on, you won't be able to play. You can play with friends in your Friend List and nearby.

Friend game

Tap the barrel with your friend! Tap DOOM! to break the barrel and locate your friend! After having broken the barrel, the game exchanges your and your friend's chests and you get a prize!


There are three types of chests: gold, silver and bronze. Prizes may vary by the type of treasure chest. You can obtain the following prizes, higher the rarity of your friend's chest higher will be the prize:

The Friend Game does not exist anymore.