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You'll encounter battles on your adventure. Battles are divided into rounds: beat all the foes facing your crew to advance to the next round. Defeat the boss in the last round to complete the adventure. Finishing an adventure can earn you Pirate EXP, Beli and treasure.

Battle ex

Please refer to Battle Mechanics for more specific information.

Pirate Level/EXPEdit

Pirate LV

Your Pirate Level (P-LV) will rise as you proceed along your adventure. Boosting your level will also raise your Stamina and Total Cost! Extra Stamina allows you to adventure more times in one go. Higher Total Cost allows you to fight with crews containing more powerful characters.

You earn Pirate EXP completing adventures! Once you earn enough Pirate EXP, you'll gain a Pirate Level.



You need Stamina in order to go on Adventures and Extra Islands. It'll automatically refill over time -- 1 Stamina point every 5 minutes (Before Version 2.3 recovered every 10 minutes). The green bar indicates how much stamina you currently have and the timer indicates how much time is left until that stamina increases by 1.

After an update on July the 27th 2018 the stamina refresh went "up" from 1 stamina every 5 minutes to 1 stamina every 3 minutes.

You can use 1 Rainbow Gem to fully restore your stamina.

Along with Version 3.0 has been introduced the Stamina Overflow: when you recover your full stamina with a Rainbow Gem or Transponder Snail, keep any extra stamina, up to twice your max! Stamina Overflow also applies to stamina gained by Pirate Lv increases but not to normal stamina recovery over time.



You'll need Beli, money, to power up and evolve your characters! You can earn Beli by defeating enemies, or selling characters. Large amounts of Beli can be obtained during Weekends island.

You can also earn x10,000 Beli playing the Friend Game. 20,000 and 50,000 Beli bags can also drop from the Transponder Snail lottery.



Use the cola to Upgrade your ships at Shipyard and increase the potency of their abilities. The amount of cola you’ll need to use varies by the type and level of the ship.

You’ll be able to get cola as rewards during your adventure and for completing some of the quests on Extra Island. You could also earn x5 Cola playing the Friend Game (but that was discontinued). Sets of 2 and 5 cola bottles can also drop from the Transponder Snail lottery. Some events/battles have a particularly high cola drop rate (ex. Restaurant Le Crap) which makes them good for farming cola.