Here is a Guide for Missions available in Shells Town.

Shells Town
Missions banner
No. Mission Description Guide Reward
Defeat Them Quickly!
Beat any adventure in Shells Town in 3 turns or less.
Choose a chapter in Shells Town that has a maximum of 3 battles (Ch. 1, 2, 4, 5 and so on...), clear it oneshotting every enemy.
Rainbow Hermit Crab
Death of a Thousand Hits!
Land a total of 110 or more combo hits during any adventure in Shells Town.
Simply land a total of 110 cumulative combo hits in a whole chapter.
Green Pirate Penguin
Slasher Upset!
Beat any adventure in Shells Town using a crew of nothing but Slasher-class characters.
Your Friend or Helper Captain must also be Slasher-class, or you may choose or not to select a Friend or Helper Captain.
Build your crew with only Slashers and clear the mission.
Icon evilfruit
Rainbow Gem
Cola Junkie!
Acquire 1 Cola in Shells Town.
Simply drop a Cola in any chapter.
Icon evilfruit
Rainbow Gem
Yesterday's Enemy is Today's Friend!
Have Cabin Boy Coby be Captain and beat Chapter 8 "Coby's Resolve" using crew of 6, including Friend or Helper Captain, with a total Cost of 24 or less.
Your Friend or Helper Captain is included in the Cost.
Set Cabin Boy Coby as Captain of your crew. As subs choose characters with low cost like Evolvers or Boosters, alternatively use a single strong sub high levelled with high ATK.
Red Elder Turtle
Mutinous Navy!
Beat Chapter 7 "Destroy the Naval Base!" with a Saber Apprentice as Captain and a crew made up of Cannoneer, Pistol, Halberd, and Knuckle Apprentices.
Your Friend or Helper Captain must be a Saber, Cannoneer, Pistol, Halberd, or Knuckle Apprentice.
You must use this team:
Captain Subs Friend
F0180 F0181F0179F0182F0183 Choose one:
Blue Elder Turtle
Wake Up The Navy!
Recruit a total of 30 Cannoneer, Pistol, Halberd, Saber, or Knuckle Seaman or Apprentices in Shells Town.
Clear Shells Town's chapters until you get a total 30 characters. You can check which characters you need Here, it's not necessary holding characters in the Character Box to clear the mission.
Green Elder Turtle
Helmeppo's Revenge!
Have Cabin Boy Helmeppo be Captain and use his Special at least once while beating Chapter 9 "Showdown!!Axe-Hand Morgan".
Set Cabin Boy Helmeppo as Captain, then fill your crew with at least one Evolver or Booster character, you'll need a character with low ATK to gain the necessary turns during the chapter.
Yellow Elder Turtle
Luffy and Zoro Battle Together!
Beat Chapter 9 "Showdown!! Axe-Hand Morgan" using only Luffy and Zoro.
Must beat quest without a Friend or Helper Captain.
You can use any Luffy and any Zoro to build your crew. For example you can use Monkey D. Luffy Gum-Gum Pistol and Roronoa Zoro Voyage Log: Straw Hat Pirates.
Black Elder Turtle
Save Big Bro Zoro!
Beat Chapter 3 "Son of the Naval Captain" with either Yosaku as Captain and Johnny as a Friend or Helper Captain, or with Johnny as Captain and Yosaku as a Friend or Helper Captain.
Mission cannot be cleared if anyone else is in crew.
Try to obtain Johnny or Yosaku, then choose the character you do not have (if you have Johnny, choose Yosaku and vice versa) as Friend or Helper Captain. Do not fill your crew with subs, or the mission won't be cleared.
Icon evilfruit
Rainbow Gem
100% completion reward

PLEASE DO NOT ASK SOMEONE TO FRIEND YOU SO YOU CAN COMPLETE THIS OR ANOTHER MISSION. If you need Yosaku or his pal Johnny to clear the missions, don't bother posting here. Even if someone eventually reads your message and adds you as a friend, it may be weeks after you asked. And then he would have to keep the character you want as a main for who knows how long. NOBODY WILL DO IT! What will realistically work:

  • You'll just get lucky, and one of your in-game friends will put whoever you need as a main captain without coordinating with you (because in game coordination is impossible)
  • Find a real-life friend, or at least someone on OPTC wikia discord (check reddit for links and ask there if you cannot find it) and coordinate in them in real time (you know, by talking face to face, or chatting on discord or such).
  • start an alt account, keep making FP pulls, and farm the RSRF FN when it comes around, and finish this all by yourself.