Porcs are good "power up" materials to boost your crew's EXP. They belong to the Booster Class.

Porc EXPEdit

Each porc has a type (STR, DEX, QCK, PSY, and INT), and extra EXP is gained when fusing a porc into a character of matching type.

Each porc has a base form and an evolved form. A base porc give low EXP to your characters, instead an evolved one give extra XP to your characters. So be sure to evolve your base form porcs before boosting your characters.

Base form porcs are:

Evolved form porcs are:

At July 4th 2017, the exp for boosters was increased. The old values are in brackets.

EXP Gain - All EXP Gain - Matching Type
Base Form Porcs 6.000 (5.000) 9.000 (7.500)
Evolved Form Porcs 50.000 (35.000) 75.000 (52.500)

Porc LocationsEdit

Porcs can't be farmed during adventure, but only in specific quests. They may be found:

  • In Jeweled Porc Sanctuary, that can be accessed using x3 Keys to Adventure in the Extra Isle
  • During some Limited Time Events
  • A base porc will reach MAX EXP with 2,330 EXP.
  • To evolve a base you need two Treasure Turtles of the corresponding color, and one of the three evolvers: a Sea Pony, a Hermit Crab or a Robber Penguin (the last two also in the right color).